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Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law





Distributor Neo da Vinci Co., Ltd.

Name of manager of operations Mayumi Shibato

Postal code 1060031

Address 2-12-4 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo




Explanation of charges other than the product price [Disclaimer]

● There may be differences in color and texture between the image on the site and the actual product.

● We may change the product information and selling prices posted on this site without prior notice.

● We pay close attention to the notation related to product specifications such as product selling price, delivery date and size, but if there is an error, we may not be able to accept your order even after the order is confirmed. I will. In that case, we will inform you of the regular price after ordering and reconfirm your intention to purchase.

● We are not responsible for any damage to the package, initial failure, delay of the package, delivery error, or loss of the package caused by the delivery company during delivery after shipping. In this case, the compensation will be within the responsibility of the shipping company.

● We are not responsible for delays, damages, or loss of luggage due to international conditions such as weather, disasters, traffic accidents, wars, disposition of orders by public authority, terrorism, or other unavoidable circumstances.

● Our company is not responsible for cracks, cracks, warpage, rust, sagging, rattling, frayed seams, discoloration, etc. of furniture due to the usage environment and weather.




Defective product [About damage and initial failure]

● If the parts are damaged or missing We will send you only the damaged or missing parts immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you replace or install the parts. All deliveries will be made by our contracted delivery company.

● In case of damage or defect other than the above Depending on the situation, we will promptly replace parts or all parts. Due to the compensation of the shipping company, the customer may be asked to send an image of the damage situation to us by e-mail. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation. Depending on the stock status of the product, we may consult with you about the delivery date of the replacement product. Please note that if the product is out of stock overseas or at our company and is in stock at the manufacturer, it may take 3 to 6 months for a new product to arrive if it can be manufactured. In that case, we do not prepare alternative products. In addition, please note that you will be responsible for all costs, etc., if you replace it yourself. If the manufacturer cannot manufacture it, we will refund the full amount.

● If the arrived product is different from the ordered product, our contracted delivery company will immediately pick up or exchange the product. Sorry to trouble you, but please let us know the desired date and time of collection. If you wish to have our staff pick up or exchange it, you will be charged a fee.




[Return / Exchange]

● We do not accept returns or exchanges of 1 item. If you return the product without contacting or confirming it, we will not accept refunds or exchanges. Please note that the same applies if you contact only the manufacturer or delivery company.
We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience, such as incorrect size or different image.
In the unlikely event that you wish to return or exchange, we will respond as follows, assuming that you will contact us within 3 days after arrival.

● If the product is "unopened", the customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee, cancellation fee (30 to 50% of the product price), and the transfer fee for refund. If the outer box has been opened but it has not been taken out of the box, assuming that there is no shortage of packing materials, after the return arrives, an inspection check will be conducted to confirm that there is no damage, etc. (30-50% of the product price), the transfer fee at the time of refund will be borne by the customer. * If damage is found, the repair cost will be borne by the actual cost. If the product is out of the box or the packing material is damaged or missing, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Please note that even if you return the product, we will not be able to refund it. In the case of "overseas ordered products", "made-to-order products", and "products processed at the request of the customer", they cannot be returned for any reason.

Regarding the handling of delivery date changes and discontinuation of production from overseas manufacturers after receiving an order Due to the circumstances of overseas manufacturers, the delivery date of the ordered products may be changed or discontinued. Therefore, please choose either to accept the change in delivery date or to cancel it. In case of cancellation, we will refund the full amount of the deposit.




[About the products we handle]

(1) Furniture made of natural wood has different shades of the same series of products and the same wood depending on the season in all price ranges and grades, so even if you paint with the same color, it will be affected by the color of the ground wood. The color may change slightly. Please be forewarned.

(2) When using natural wood, natural stone, animal leather rug, etc. Since it is natural, the grain, stone grain, and leather pattern will not be exactly the same, so please forgive me. Due to the nature of interior products, there may be some cracks, knots, cracks, warpage, etc. depending on the product, but we consider it a good product in order to value the natural texture.

(3) Due to the large difference in humidity throughout the year in Japan, furniture made of natural wood may have difficulty opening and closing the door and installation depending on the season. Also, since it may crack due to rapid drying, do not place it in a place exposed to the wind of the air conditioner or near the source of the fire, and adjust the humidity by using a humidifier when the air is dry. You can use it for a long time. (Even if the weather changes or the usage environment causes cracks, cracks, or warpage, it will not be exchanged or returned.)

(4) Due to the fact that the product is made overseas and that it takes a long time to transport by sea, there may be some differences in the seams of the parts and the joints of the fittings.

(5) There may be slight changes in color due to different paint lots.

(6) Since it is an imported product, depending on the material of the table, wrinkles and blisters may occur slightly on the surface layer material by repeatedly wiping with water.

(7) All of our products are not manufactured for commercial use. Therefore, it cannot withstand excessive frequency of use.

(8) The extendable table is set to be used about once a month based on domestic use. It is not designed to be stretched frequently, such as for business use. Also, due to the nature of the wood and the mass factory production method, it may become vacant when the upper legs are aligned, and it may become a little tight when slid.

(9) Some wrinkles may occur on the pasted fabrics of sofas and chairs mass-produced at the factory.

(10) In the case of products that are painted and colored by hand, the color tone and texture will differ slightly for each product. Also, please note that the shape error and quality accuracy of sofas, ottomans, etc. may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer.
(11) Since we place great importance on decorativeness in other products, please forgive us for the shape and accuracy of other parts. (Bottle stoppers, box lids, lamp shades, etc.)

(12) For items with special coating such as aging coating and antique color finish, the coating film may be brittle and peeling may occur with a small shock.

(13) It is not an antique item. Nor are they replicas.

(14) The coloring of glassware, pottery vases, and vases is not due to heat changes, but is post-adhered. Please note that it may be deteriorated or discolored depending on the usage conditions and the detergent used for cleaning.

(15) The photos in the catalog and homepage are just images and may look different from the actual ones such as colors and delicate shapes. If you would like to confirm the details, please come directly to our shop to see the products.

(16) The delivered product has been thoroughly inspected, but in rare cases it may have dirt such as dust or fingerprints. In that case, sorry to trouble you, but please wipe it off by yourself. Please note that dirt that can be wiped off is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

(17) At the time of delivery, furniture has a paint odor that has just arrived, regardless of the price range or grade. There are individual differences depending on the product, but please be assured that the odor will disappear over time. If you want to get rid of the odor quickly, open the drawer and let it dry in the sun for about a week to reduce the odor. (Since the odor is a characteristic of new furniture, even if the odor is strong, it will not be returned or exchanged.)

(18) When laying a vinyl mat on the top plate or shelf plate of a table, desk, cupboard, etc., please note that the vinyl sheet may stick to the paint and peel off depending on the paint of the product.

(19) If you feel any looseness in the legs of the furniture, please adjust it with commercially available felt. Some rattling is considered non-defective and will not be exchanged or returned.

(20) For products that have been processed to be worn out like antiques, the engraved part is shaded with color, and spec painting (stains like spots) that looks like small holes, scratches, or stains that look like worm-eaten holes. There are waviness, cracks, cracks, dents, rust, paint peeling and color unevenness on the back plate. In addition, there may be gaps in the installation, slight distortion, and rattling, but we will consider all products as non-defective except in the case of damage that cannot be used. Please note in advance.

(21) Wall-mounted mirrors, interior items, shelves, hooks for wall mounting, screws, etc. must be selected according to the wall material and specifications (strength), so they are usually included with the product. Not done. Please prepare for the customer.

(22) When hanging heavy products such as mirrors and shelves on the wall, installation work by a contractor is required. Please ask us for installation (construction cost is not included) or arrange by the customer.

(23) The triangular can attached to the back of the heavy mirror is not a metal fitting for hanging on the wall, but a "metal fitting for preventing falls when placed on the floor". If you want to hang it on the wall, be sure to have the contractor install it.




Delivery time Unless otherwise specified
● Bank transfer ⇒ We will ship within 3 business days after payment is confirmed.
● Credit card ⇒ We will ship within 3 business days after confirming your order.

Payment method Payment is by credit card, bank transfer, or cash on delivery.

* Credit card security uses a system called SSL. Please be assured that your card number will be encrypted and sent securely.

If you do not accept the payment within 3 days after sending the payment deadline email, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Return deadline We cannot accept returns or exchanges of the following products. Please note that.
(1) Semi-order and full-order products

(2) Reasons due to customer's convenience (different from what I had imagined when I entered the room, insufficient confirmation of delivery such as not entering the room, etc.)

(3) Dirt and scratches caused by the customer

(4) Opened products and used products (including products in the middle of assembly and after assembly)

(5) All items described in 4 "Products handled"

(6) Items that have been delivered for more than 7 days

(7) Depending on the settings of the customer's personal computer, the color and texture that can be seen on the product screen may differ slightly from the actual product. Please note that we cannot accept returns even in that case.




Return shipping fee If the arrived item is damaged due to a transportation accident or has the following initial defects, the shipping fee, repair fee, etc. will be handled as follows depending on the number of days from arrival to contact.

(1) We will contact you within 2 business days from the arrival, and we will respond as follows at our expense.

(2) If you contact us within 2 to 7 days after arrival, you will be responsible for the shipping cost for replacing parts or all items. please note that.

(3) If you contact us more than 7 days after arrival, we will not be able to compensate you, so you will be responsible for all shipping, repair and parts costs.

* Includes product damage, product differences, or missing parts.

* Customers are requested to arrange the packaging, replacement of damaged / missing parts, and installation when returning the product. Please note that the construction cost incurred at that time will be borne by the customer.

* Sorry for your inconvenience, but please send an image that shows the relevant part in order to confirm the damaged or defective part of the product. In principle, our staff does not make business trips to check for damaged or defective parts. If you wish to travel, please note that you may be required to pay the travel expenses.

(A) Please contact us at least 10 days in advance to change the delivery date. No changes can be made after this period.

(B) Shipping costs do not include stair climbing, suspension, crane work fees, etc. If these operations are required at the time of delivery, a separate fee will be charged.

Stair climbing (¥ 3,150 ~ * 3F) Suspended (¥ 15,750 ~) Crane (ordinary crane ¥ 25,200 ~, large crane ¥ 56,700 ~) In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges of purchased products, but the above charges will be incurred. If you wish to return or exchange the product, we will refund the amount after deducting the cancellation fee (50% of the product price) and the shipping fee for the round trip.

(C) If the product once delivered is held for a long period of time due to the customer's convenience, a reasonable storage fee will be charged.

(D) If the displayed price on the catalog or website is different from the over-the-counter price, the over-the-counter price will be given priority. In addition, the price will change without notice.

(E) We will arrange the product after full payment, but if the customer wishes to have a deposit of 50% and a deposit of 50%, the contract fee will be 50% of the total amount. Please make payment by the contract date and pay the balance before shipping. After confirming the payment of the contract money, we will place an order with the manufacturer, and after confirming the balance, we will deliver it. In principle, we do not accept cancellations, but if you have no choice but to cancel, the contract fee (50% of the total amount) cannot be refunded. Please note.

(F) Exhibits When purchasing a special sale product, we will set a special price in consideration of the condition of the product. Please check the condition in advance before purchasing. In addition, please note that we cannot repair or repair scratches within 50% of the total product because it is a product that has difficulty from the beginning.






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