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NEO DA VINCI Furniture Leasing Service

Get a luxurious atmosphere at a low cost.

Neo da Vinci's furniture leasing service that allows you to rent high-end imported furniture at a low price according to the monthly fee. We have a wide variety of unique luxury furniture imported directly from Italy and France, as well as objects and rugs. It is also possible to actually check at the store. You can experience the original space at a reasonable price according to the purpose of use, such as interior setting for shooting, setting up a model room, and staying for a limited time.

Benefits of leasing

-You can save the cost and labor of disposal.
・ It is possible to install high-class furniture at a low price every month.
-Costs can be reduced without accounting capitalization.

the way to use

・ Various shootings such as dramas and commercials ・ Limited-time show window display ・ Installation of model rooms ・ Limited-time stays such as business trips





There are many ways to use furniture leasing. We will respond according to the intended use, please feel free to contact us first.
Our staff will be happy to assist you.
Contact us 0120-86-5955

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